IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 08

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8. Know the Brownie Guide Law (Another Good Turn House)


 Copy of house per Brownie
 Copy of second sheet per Brownie on card
 Colours
 Scissors
 Glue


Brownie Guide Law
A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself
and does a Good Turn every day.


Make a Good Turn House:
Follow these steps to make a lift-the –flap picture
1. Colour and cut out the house.
2. Cut along the dashed-----lines.
3. Fold back on the dotted .......lines to open the doors and windows.
4. Keeping the doors and windows open, glue the house to the second sheet.
5. Inside the doors and windows, draw pictures or write good turns for the week.
6. Report back next week at Pow-wow


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