Fair Trade Market

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An activity to help think about the issues and benefits of Fair Trade, and encourage Beavers in explaining them.


Variety of Fair Trade products (optional: fact sheets about the products) - bringing these in can, of course, be set as homework from a previous meeting; paper; pens; optional: table, tablecloth.


0. This activity assumes a previous discussion with all Beavers about the benefits of Fair Trade.
1. Split the Beavers into groups of two or three, with a Fair Trade product for each.
2. Each group has time to think about their product - who are the people who have been helped by it? In what ways? What might it taste like?
3. Each group designs an advert for their product - to encourage people to by it, and to explain why it's a good thing to buy.
4. Bring the groups back together. In turn each 'sets up stall' by displaying their product, and explaining their advert. After each presentation share the Product around for the Beavers to try (careful of food allergies!).
(5. Each Beaver can score how good they think they think the advert was (suggest a scale from 1 (good) to 5 (awesome!); and how good the product tastes.)


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