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Searchlights offers quick, safe target practice for your Cubs.


Torches - one per pair.


A great game to play as the nights roll in, Searchlights offers quick, safe target practice for your Cubs.

What to do:

1. Take the Pack outside and separate them into pairs. Give them one torch between them.

2. You then need to line one pair outside the building and nominate a small feature on the building – something like a door handle or an air vent would be ideal. (Make sure they know what you’re talking about – shining your own torch on the feature is a good idea).

3. Give the instructions: ‘Ready, steady, light!’ and time how long it takes each Cub to locate the item with their torch.

4. If the Cub turns their torch on before you should ‘Light!’, then their turn is forfeited. If the Cub lights the chosen item immediately, the other Cub has to do the same to beat them.

5. The competition can be run as a knockout tournament so you’ll end up with a champion!

Make it harder:

You can add a target made of white card. Make it about the same size as a round dustbin lid, with numbers round the edge and a bullseye in the middle. Hang the target on the way and with your own torch highlight the different numbers. This time, each Cub has three goes and for each go they have to nominate the number they will attempt to hit when they turn their torch on.


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