Telephone call simulation

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Making a telephone call without the requirement for an actual phone line


Two phone handsets (or multiple of two for several instances to operate at the same time), Pen + paper


- On a piece of paper give each young person a unique number (4-5 digits or so)
- Split the group in two, one sub-group being the "Callers", the other being the "Receivers"
- A Leader calls out a "Caller" name and a "Receiver" name who make their way to the leader, who hands each a handset
- The Receiver shows the Caller their number, at which point the Caller then has to enter the Receiver's number into their phone and hold it to their ear
- The Leader then makes a "Ring, Ring" (or other suitably tuneful noise!) and the Receiver picks up their phone, answering with a suitable polite greeting ("Hello")
- The Caller then asks a question (or more to have a proper conversation) to the Receiver (can be anything they want to know about the Receiver or discuss- Favourite Colour? Food? If they can place a pizza order... )
- The Receiver then answers the question(s) appropriately
- The Caller thanks the Receiver for their information and ends the call with a "Goodbye" - the Receiver doing likewise.
- The Caller then joins the *Receiver* group, the Receiver joins the *Caller* group (switching roles) - if there are enough Adults/Helpers, young people can report what the conversation was about when they join the group
- continue until everyone has had a turn of being Receiver and Caller


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