Diet based on Eat well plate

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to cover the healthy diet of the 2015 Skills Challenge


Paper plates, food printout as attached, pencils, scissors, sellotape, food as per shopping list, 4 bowls or plates per team, poster of eatwell plate (from google)


Give each team a paper plate and the list of 5 food groups (see file).
First challenge for the team is to guess the proportions in an ideal diet of each food group, and draw that on the plate.
Second challenge is to cut out the food pictures and put them into the correct part of the plate.
At this point score ach team on how close they got to the eatwell plate poster and declare a winner.
Third challenge (consider allergies) is to make a snack with something from each food group - see shopping list. If they make the healthy snack correctly, give them choc ice as reward.
For the food snack, have leader in advance chop lettuce, slice tomatoes, and share out cheese and bacon slices. Do this while the scouts do the paper plate part.

Notes - the pictures are already in order, so you might want to jumble them before printing.



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