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Getting the scouts to create a newsletter of a terms activities that can be shared with the local and international community


Scouts, pen, paper


Divide the scouts into groups to each write an article on a particular activity, camp, event, game etc. to add to a newsletter.

Remember to either get a leader to edit a newsletter together or get a group of scouts to do this job dependng on numbers and time.

Example articles
We'll split into groups of approx four for 40 mins with a big piece of paper and they can write/draw three or more news paper style articles -
i) a story about something interesting you have done in Scouts, it could be Boomerangs, First Aid, Morse Code, Burbage, Wide Game, Lifesaveing
ii) A story about what adults do at Scouts. This could be an interview or list of how parents help as well as Leaders. 'My mom/dad did this....' be specific
iii) A much shorter piece about 'what's next' - some of their programme ideas eg Zorbing, running, DJ, games, Mini-Camps. This will probably be a list that we can see where it fits with balanced programme, resources and prior experiences.
iv) a specific short piece on Scout Camp 2015 (we'll make sure that there is at least one person in each group)
v) A picture!
vi) A personal Challenge for each Scout to be completed by Christmas


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Badge Links

  • Communicator - Creative text
  • Creative - Promotions
  • Personal - Your challenge
  • Team Leader - Represent
  • Teamwork - Team-building
  • Teamwork - Troop forum
  • Writer - Descriptive