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This is a brief introduction to the Scouting moveent for cubs as they come up and can be used on older children entering Scouts directly


Award Scheme books, specifically the 'award_scheme_scout_leaders_and_scouts_manual.pdf' (http://members.scouts.org.nz/Resources?Command=Core_Download&EntryId=103), Guide To Scouting Book 'guide_to_scouting_book.pdf'. and finally (the guide with all the details), 'the scout_investiture_badge_a4.pdf'. Get the latest from the Scouting NZ resources site.


Patrol leaders to introduce new Scouts to the concepts:
What is Scouting - Our Zone, Our Group, Scouts (keas, cubs, venturers, rovers, leaders),
Baden Powell (who he was and why he was important to Scouting), Handshake (why we shake with the left hand) , Scout sign (demonstrate the salute),
Law and Promise, (what they are and what the mean)
The flag Describe the NZ flag and the flag ceremony (what happens and why during),
First Aid kit - what will you need in a first aid kit? A first aid kit will need to be shown to the leaders at the next meeting in order to gain the Scout badge.



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