IGG Interest Badge Ladybird Healthy Mind Option 02

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Identify the IGG Tagline (what can I do)


 Tagline worksheet


To develop a happy healthy mind

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

• All the Ladybird Guides sit in a circle and in turn they say something they can do e.g. I can skip, I can brush my teeth, I can brush my hair. Everyone must try to think of something different that they can do. If they cannot think of anything new, the leader or other girls can help them.

Two Stars and a Wish
Have the Ladybirds name two things they've done that they really like and one thing they've never done that they would like to try.

Something Special to Me
Ask each Ladybird to bring in something that is special to her. This could be a picture of her pet, a stuffed animal that she sleeps with, etc. Why is the item special? Does she use it for her favourite sport or activity? Did she make it herself or find it or was given as a present? Ask her if she associates the object with someone special. Does it make her happy? Focus on why this is special to her rather than the object

Colour in the picture below. Learn the Irish Girl Guides Tagline and
talk about what having confidence means


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