Time Bomb

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Fast paced game where Scouts have to get rid of a 'bomb' before the whistle blows


Ball or other implement to act as bomb


Spread Scouts out around the room.
Select one Scout and give them the 'bomb'
The Whistle goes and Scouts run around trying to evade the bomb
The 'bomber' has to touch another person with the bomb in order to pass it on.
The bomb cannot be thrown or rolled, it has to stay in your hands.
When touched, the Scout has to take the bomb and try to pass it on.
You can't pass the bomb to the person who gave it to you, unless there are only 2 Scouts left!!
Game continues until the whistle blows (random time frames) and the Scout left holding the Bomb is out.
Play continues until only 1 Scout is left.


  • agility
  • ball game
  • bomb
  • filler
  • game
  • game for scouts
  • Quick Game
  • time

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