Target, tin can shoot and Nerf gun Battle

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Target Shoot:
stick number targets to a wall or window, give the Beavers a single shot Nerf gun with 3 bullets with suckers on. they have to get the highest score.

Tin Can Shoot:
set up the tin cans on a table give the Beavers a single shot Nerf gun with 3 standard bullets. they have to Knock down as many Cans as possible with their 3 bullets.

Nerf gun Battle:
Two teams have 10 mins to shoot the opposition and get them out before their time run out.
Beavers will be wearing team high-vi vests, safety goggles and carry a single shot Nerf gun, the bullets with Velcro ends will be spread along the floor, once the time starts the fun begins.
If a Beaver is shot they must go to the safe area for 30 seconds then they can return to the game


Safety glasses, high-Vi vests, single shot Nerf guns, bullets (some with suckers and Velcro).
Number Targets and tin cans





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