Turks Head Woggle

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How to make a Turks Head Woggle


* Rope or Paracord – 120cm (4ft)
* Lighter
* Your Hand – this video you are about to watch is made with the right hand with the woggle being built on your left hand, so if you are left handed reverse everything


1. Cut your paracord or rope to 120cm long, you can seal the ends carefully with a lighter (seek help from an adult)
2. Start your woggle by placing the rope over two fingers
3. Take the longer length of the rope behind your hand giving you 8cm on the tail in the front
4. Using the longer piece of the rope
5. Take it behind your hand and bring it up to the front of your thumb to make an “X”
6. Take the leading piece of rope and pass it behind your hand and bring it around ensuring that it stays to the left of the “X”
7. At the top of your palm, thread the leading tip of the rope over the second wrap and under the first
8. Place your hand face down
9. Take the first wrap and slide below the second wrap to its left, so that the second wrap is now the middle
10. The third wrap with the tip passes over the second wrap and pokes under the first wrap
11. Pull tight
12. Turn your hand over
13. With the leading tip cross over the left wrap and under the right wrap
14. At this point the woggle should look like this (from the back)
15. Now with your palm up take the leading edge and feed it through the gap between the leftmost wrap and the one on the far right
16. Trace the path of the previous wrap, which is in the centre
17. Follow parallel wraps going under or over overlapping wraps
18. Keep following the previous wrap, keeping the line snug as you finish each pass
19. Parallel lines should lie alongside previous wraps, and not on top, so that they form a band
20. Continue following the weave pattern throughout the construction of the woggle
21. Continue following the weave pattern until you run out of rope
22. If you have constructed your woggle correctly, you should have a 3 wrap weave
23.Cut excess rope from both ends
24. Tuck the ends under the next wrap to hide the ends

Well Done! You have now finished your woggle


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