Mental Health Introduction

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Watch short video about mental health from teenager's perspective, introduce concept of mental health and get Scouts to decide on acceptable and unacceptable terms (from Million Hands pack)


Million Hands activity pack, Activities 1 & 2 (one set of word list per patrol for activity 2 cut out) and laptop with "The stand up kid" downloaded from YouTube


Show "The stand up kids" video a couple of times and then discuss what the boy feels like and how comments from others made him feel. Discuss the statistics.
Run Activity 1 to understand the concept of mental health as opposed to physical health
Split Scouts into patrols and give them a set of words and ask them to rank words from most acceptable to least acceptable. Discuss answers and reasoning and how some words can have more than one meaning and how it can be mis-interpreted.


  • community impact
  • mental health
  • million hands

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