Common Wealth Countries

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Find out about Commonwealth Countries and Commonwealth Day - opportunity to learn about different countries, culture, food, language etc.


slips of paper with the names of all the common wealth counties on them, for each six a map of the world showing where the commonwealth countries are and information sheets about the countries (culture, food, language etc.) Information sheets about scouting in these countries also. Commonwealth word search sheets (1 per person)


A week before this activity let cubs choose a slip of paper with the name of the commonwealth country they have to find out about, which is drawn from a bag. Email out instructions on on what the cubs need to do and include them to find out about scouting in that country also. On the day of the activity find out how much the young people know already about CommonWealth Countries. Progress on to a game about commonwealth countries then ask the young people to set up and present the work they have found about the country they chose and about scouting in that country. Next the Commonweath word search can be completed by everyone.


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