Bottle Game

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First to knock the bottle over wins.


Empty plastic bottle
2 Bean bags or similar
2 Chairs
2 Leaders holding chairs.


Divide the cubs up into 2 teams and line up on opposite sides of the hall. To stop them encroaching and grabbing the bean bags when they are thrown it is sometimes useful to have them keep a hand on the wall at all times so they can't move to far away from the wall. Number each team off 1 to n.

Down the middle of the hall place the two chairs at either end with a bean bag on each chair, with the bottle partially filled with water (and cap screwed on) positioned equally between the two chairs.

Each team has a chair that they run to, make sure that they know this before they start.
A leader then calls out a number.

The cubs with the same number run to their chair, pick up the bean bag, stand on the chair (may need a leader/parent/YL to steady the chair) and throw the bean bag at the bottle. The first cub to knock the bottle over wins the round and returns to the team "bench" and places their hand on the wall ready for the next round. It may take multiple attempts to knock the bottle over so the Cubs will have to retrieve the bag and then return to the chair to have another go until the bottle is knocked over.

Once the bottle has been knocked over it is replaced in the middle of the hall and the leader calls another number and notes the score.


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