IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 02

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No 2 Make a poster or a useful item from recycled material (Trash Timeline)


White Card 6 sheets
Print attached sheets x 2
Poster size paper/card for each Six


Aim of Badge
To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Trash Timeline Activity One
Objective: to provide a visual and hands-on method to show how long it takes for items to decompose.

Distribute pictures and time cards randomly; one for each Brownie Have the Brownies roam around trying to figure out what picture matches up with what time period. Leaders comment on accuracy and have the Brownies try and correct errors. When a pair has the correct match they sit down on the floor and wait for the others to finish.
banana peel- up to 2 years
a wool item- 1 year
cigarette butt- 2 to 5 years
disposable diaper- 200 - 400 years
tin can- 450 years
aluminium can- 200-400 years
glass bottle-1,000,000
plastic holders for a six-pack of soda- 100 years
hard plastic item- 20- 30 years
leather- 1 to 5 year
kitchen towel- 2 to 4 weeks
plastic bags – 10 to 20 years

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Attachments needed for activity? Yes 3 pages
Make a Poster Activity Two
Working in their Sixes have Brownies design a poster to encourage recycling.
Display it in your meeting hall or a public place having first got permission for the owners


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