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Learn how to safely get out of a smoke filled room (Smoke Crawl and Fire Escape Song)




Aim of Badge: To learn about fire safety

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

Where possible, visit a fire station or invite a Fire officer to your meeting.

Leaders notes:
Don’t teach the Smoke Crawl and Stop, Drop and Roll at the same meeting. It may cause confusion.

-Discuss with the Ladybirds the importance of crawling low to the floor when trying to exit through smoke.(Explain that the air is cooler and cleaner near the floor).
-Use the Ladybird Garden as “smoke”.
-Two Leaders hold opposite ends of the garden about 1 foot above the floor.
-Invite the Ladybirds to practice crawling low where the good air is on their hands and knees to escape through the “smoke”. (Good air is down low close to the floor – stay low)
-Crawl low on your hands and knees – not on your belly

Fire Escape Song:
{Tune: Farmer wants a wife}
If you smell smoke, don’t hide,
If you smell smoke, don’t hide,
High-ho, there’s fire you know,
If you smell smoke, don’t hide.
The fire won’t go away,
The fire won’t go away,
High-ho the smoke will go,
The fire won’t go away.
You have to get away,
You have to get away,
High-ho, the smoke will go,
You have to get away


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