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1. Explain the importance of exercise and what it does for our bodies(Reasons why exercise is important)


Leaders notes see attached file


Aim of Badge
To understand and experience the benefits of physical activity

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Most children are driven to school and to all their activities by parents and minders. They spend a lot of time looking at television and playing computer games and not as much time playing outside in the fresh air with their friends. For some children the only activity they have is going to their Brownie Guide meetings. So it is important to include lots of active running around games in your Brownie Guide programme.
In this interest badge we want to stress
The importance of exercise.
What exercise does for our bodies
The importance of warming up before exercise
The necessity of cooling down and stretching out after exercise
Check out: http://www.getirelandactive.ie/guidelines-resources/children-and-young-adults


In Pow-Wow discuss the importance of exercise.
Leader may use the information overleaf as a guideline.


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Reason’s why exercise is important


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