Visit Bouldering Wall

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Visit Corby Climbing Centre l and use their Bouldering wall, no top roping required.


Adventurous activity forms required, all equipment provided by Centre


Firm instruction to pay attention to teh two instructors
15m Warm up and exercises by Instructors

Games for Bouldering Walls

The hanging game:
Pick a colour and ask the children to grip on that colour with 1 or 2 hands (your choice) count down from 5-1 on 1 they all have to let their legs go floppy so they are only holding on to the wall with their hands. When it hurts or they get tired they can drop off. They also have to stop playing if their legs go back on the wall. The winner is the last person to be hanging on the wall.

Hunt the object:
Split the group in 2 teams, make one team face away from the wall with eyes closed while the other team hides the objects on the wall. Give them a time limit to find all the objects then swap over. Having different coloured objects for each team often helps and they need to remember where they have put them.

The Hoop Game:
Place 2 hoops in the middle of the wall and split the group in 2. The object of this game is for each team to get all their members one at a time to climb from their side to the centre, go through the hop while still on the wall without dropping it, put it back and climb back to their team tagging the next person to go. Winning team is team who gets all their members across the wall through the hoop and back again.

The Ball Game:
You will need a small ball for this game. Spread the children out along the wall. The object of the game is to start from one side and climb across to the next person passing them the ball without dropping it or falling off the wall.

Choose a child to be on and they have to climb across the wall after the others and tag them. Make sure they do not climb above or below people and do not put themselves in danger. You could also attack something to the children i.e. (scout scarf for scouts) and the person who is on can just pull them off to get people out instead of tagging them.

Blind Climb:
Pick a part of the wall to climb allow them to climb with eyes open to get a feel for the wall and then cover their eyes and make them do it from memory. This isn’t really a game just an activity we used to do with them.

Get Dressed:
Place items of clothing around the wall (dressing up outfits easiest) the young people then have to climb around the wall finding items of clothing to put on while not letting go or falling off the wall.

Spell it:
Give the young people a word to spell and they have to work out how to make it on the wall using their bodies and other people to link up to spell the word. Again not a game but a climbing activity.

Simon Says:
Same as normal Simon says but on the wall. E.g. Simon says move your left foot.

Get them just climbing around the wall and then shout freeze. The winner is who can stay still the longest.

The number game:
This game is a on and off wall game. You tell them what each number means and they have to do the action. Here are the numbers i used:
1- Jump on the mat.
2- Climbing the wall.
3-Play dead (if on the wall fall safely or climb down then fall)
4- Star Jumps
5- Hang on the wall
6-climb to top of wall and come back down
7- Forward roll on the mat.

Starting from the bottom
The Young people have to start by sitting at the bottom of the wall with their feet touching and their hands on grips(you will need quite low grips for this) The object of this game is to see who can start climbing and get to the top of the wall but without taking their hands off the wall to start with.


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