IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Water Safety Option 1& INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 17

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1 Illustrate the Water Safety Code ( Water Safety Stations & Mime)


White Card for leaflets
Pool safety,
Boat Safety
Water Safety
Inland Waterways Safety

Leaflets found on http://www.iws.ie/education/posters-leaflets.303.html
Laminator ( Optional)


Aim of Badge
To develop water safety awareness

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Water Safety Stations Activity One
Set up four safety stations around the meeting room,
Pool safety station,
Boat safety station,
Water safety station
Inland waterway safety station
Have a Leader at each station.

Divide Brownies into their Six’s. Each Six is given a starting station
When the Leader gives the instruction to move, the Six moves clockwise to the next station.
At each station, the Six work together matching the statements with the correct picture.
Leader at each station discuss the safety rules with each Six as they complete the task.

Activity Two Water Safety Mime
Divide the Brownies into groups of three, give each group a picture from one of the Safety stations and allow them 5 minutes to create a mime.
In turn each group goes to the centre of the Pow Wow and performs their mime and the rest of the Pack must guess which scenario is being mimed.
All materials downloaded from Irish Water Safety.
Leaflets and Educational packs are available from
Irish Water Safety
Long Walk


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