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No 2 Know why the following can be dangerous Open Water, Shallow Water,Cold Water, Iced-over Water(True & False Quiz)


True and False Quiz (See attached File)


Aim of Badge
To develop water safety awareness

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed


Mark one side of the hall True the other False
Brownies stand in the middle of the hall.
Leader reads out a water safety statement and each Brownie decides if it is true or false by running to correct side of the hall.

Give a token to those Brownies that are on the correct side of the hall.

Brownies return to centre and Leader reads out another statement.
Continue playing using the statements overleaf.
At the end of the game the Six with the most tokens are the winners.

In Pow-wow discuss why the following can be dangerous
• Open water-such as lakes, rivers, canals and ponds
• Shallow water
• Cold water
• Standing on iced-over rivers, ponds, lakes or canals

All materials downloaded from Irish Water Safety.
Leaflets and Educational packs are available from
Irish Water Safety
Long Walk
091 564400


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