IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Water Safety Option 5

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5 Demonstrate the “reach” and “throw” method of rescue with an aid e.g. t-shirt, plastic bottle ( Reaching and Throwing Rescues)


 Blankets/Sheets
 T-shirt
 Rope
 Plastic Bottle
 Brush Handle
 Swimming ring attached to a rope
 Reaching and Throwing Rescues Information Sheet overleaf


Aim of Badge
To develop water safety awareness
This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

It should be noted that Brownies should be instructed that they should only attempt the Reach and Throw methods. Remind Brownies that they must keep themselves safe first of all. It doesn’t do any good to try to help someone and get in trouble themselves. If they are not sure they can rescue the victim without putting themselves in danger, then go for help instead.
If you see someone in trouble in the water, here’s how you can help:
• Keep calm – always think before you act
• Try to get help – shout ‘’help, help’’ as loud as you can
• Reach out with a stick, a pole, a towel or clothing to pull the person to the water’s edge – always lie down when you are trying to pull someone in so that you don’t get pulled in
• If you can’t reach the person and no-one comes when you shout for help, telephone 999 or 112 and ask for help NEVER JUMP INTO THE WATER YOURSELF!

Lay blankets on the ground to represent land and river/lake. Divide Pack in pair’s one Brownie to act as person in danger the other the rescuer. Practice the reach and throw methods remembering to keep talking to the person in danger.

Discussion: At Pow wow go over the safety rules when helping a drowning person.


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