Review mini expedition

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Review 10km daytime patrol hike including food purchase and cooking over open fires


The scout's route cards and maps
Their menus
Their experience


Route - Recall any wrong turns taken on route, Discuss the reasons these occurred and how corrective action was agreed on by the party and any risks that were, or should have been, considered. What will you do differently next time?
Shopping - Recall the shopping experience, Did it go according to plan? Did you stick to the list? Why not? What will you do differently next time?
Equipment - Did you select the correct equipment? What challenges did this present? What will you do diferently next time
Cooking - How did this go? What challenges were there? What would you do differently next time?
Teamwork - Did everyone get to participate (navigation, shopping, cooking)? Was equipment distributed fairly for carrying? Did anyone feel left out at any time? Did everyone learn something?
Safety - Was any one injured? How was this dealt with? What else could have gone wrong? What would you do diffferently next time?

Write down 10 points for the patrol to remember when planning the next expedition.



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