Make a Mummy

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Make a pack mummy - get the balloons - team help


Blindfold, balloons, toilet roll, tape, paper plate / mask


Mummy Challenge: The teams need to dress up one of their number as a mummy. The challenge is to get the mummy wrapped in toilet paper, wrapping the arms and legs but leaving them free to move, they must also be blindfolded. Once dressed the mummy is placed into their tomb (Using benches on their edges and lie the mummy on the floor)the team is then briefed on the next part of the challenge.
The mummys will be awakened with a balloon (of certain colour) from the net in the roof. The mummy then wakes up and is spun(looking up or down a broom handle) 15times. They then must dash about the room collecting the other balloons on that colour with support from their team (as they cannot see) The winning team will have the most balloons after a set time limit.


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