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This activity is suitable for all ages as you can alter difficulty depending on their ability. I carried it out with Beavers so had done most of the hard work for them.


For Feeder:
* Small Log (1 per person)
* Metal screw in hook (1 per person)
* Iron nails (2 per person)
* Drill - incl. 1 inch bit and small bit
* Hammer
* Saw
* Work bench

For feed:
* Lard
* Bird feed


As I carried this activity out for Beavers I had already done the first 3 steps for them, however if you are doing this with an older age group you can judge how much you would like them to do.

1. Cut a log into smaller pieces, roughly 15cm long.
2. Using the 1 inch drill bit, drill holes into the log. I only did around 3, you can decide how many you want on your feeder.
3. Using the small drill bit, drill a hole in the top of the log (for metal screw in hook to fit).
4. Screw metal hook into hole on top of feeder
5. Hammer in 2 iron nails near bottom of feeder, 1 on each side (this is for the bird to stand on).
6. Mix lard and bird feeder together to make a suet like mixture, and then use this to fill in the 1 inch drilled holes. I gave each Beaver a plastic cup to make their 'suet' in so that they could refill feeder when it ran out.

The bird feeder is then ready to hang out in the garden/off balcony, you will just need a piece of string/rope to attach through hook and hang.

This activity probably took around 20 minutes for each Beaver to complete (as they were being supervised throughout, as well as went round on rotation and had a lot of the steps already done for them), however if you were to do with an older age group/let children do more steps then it would probably take slightly longer.


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