Disaster Relief Challenge

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An evening themed on Disaster Relief, aimed at opening members' eyes to the problems in helping countries with a need for aid.


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Build a shelter:
Give the team a small tarp and some poles and string and tell them to make a shelter, they can have some barrels to make a chair etc. Test with water

Stretcher (and First Aid):
Challenge toe create as many different types of stretcher to transport an injured person. Bill to describe different injuries and how they would need to be look after.

Parachute drop of food:
Using a plastic sheet, scissors and string the teams make parachutes.
They must make a box to carry as many of the items (like golf balls or something) to the drop zone.

Use a tall ladder to launch the parachutes and encourage the teams to try and get as much aid to the drop zone in the allotted time.


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  • disaster relief
  • first aid
  • shelter
  • stretchers
  • third world

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