IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Active Body Option 04

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4. Complete 8 out of the following 10 activities (Mixed ideas)


 Skipping Ropes
 Bean bags
 Balls
 Whistle


Aim of Badge
To understand and experience the benefits of physical activity
This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Complete 8 out of the following 10 activities:
a) Sprint 50 metres in 20 seconds
b) Jump 70cms (long jump) or half your height (high jump)
c) Skip forwards without a break for 30 seconds
d) Skip 2 fancy steps
e) Hit a target with a tennis ball from a distance of 3.5 metres the target should be 1.5 metres high
f) From a distance of 4 metres roll a ball between two skittles 30cms apart. Throw and catch a ball or a beanbag a number of times. The distance should be approximately 4 meters
h) Play a leap-frog game
i) Spin a hoop around your waist for 20 seconds
j) Make up a 3 minute aerobic exercise sequence. Show this to your Six or Pack and get them to join in
k) Take part in a French skipping game

Why not use the activities and suggestion overleaf to complete this option of the interest badge
Acknowledgement/Source: IGG Publications
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