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To cover the Beaver requirements for the communication bade, this will go through the basics of emails and how to send one. A piece of homework will then be given to each Beaver to send an email to the Beaver Leader from home.


A slip of paper with instructions for the email, this has to include the beaver leaders email address


Cover the basics of emails in a talk with the Beavers
* ask them if they know what an email is
* Electronic mail, most commonly called email or e-mail since around 1993, it is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients. Email operates across the Internet or other computer networks.
* An Internet email message consists of three basic components, the address of the person it's being sent to, a subject, and the message itself although things like attachments can be added
* You can create, forward or reply to emails
* Give the children a task to send an email to the leader as homework, an idea might be to do it as part of themed even. We had a spy theme and sent them home with this
Send an email to parents saying what they enjoy about Beavers


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