Sun Smart Kea resources and activities

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This resource contains 4 activities that will meet the criteria of earning a SunSmart Kea Badge.


Printouts of resource sheets
Colouring pencils/crayons/pens to design a hat
Pens/pencils for quiz
Blutack/sticky tape to attach pictures to wall
Chocolate bar
Knife, fork and plate large enough for the chocolate bar
Wide-brimmed sun hat
Shirt with collar (sized to fit the players, or larger)


Use the resource kit to:
* distinguish between what is a SunSmart item and what is not
* teach facts about the sun and UV, and how humans protect themselves: SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, & WRAP
* design a hat. Not all hats are created equal – caps don’t protect the ears and neck (common sites of skin cancer)
* learn about our SunSmart ‘armour’ by playing the chocolate game.


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