Blindfold sandwiches

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Blindfold race to make a jam sandwich each


bread - 2 slices per scout
butter / spread
cleaning materials


The scouts work in teams. Each team member must make a jam sandwich while blindfolded. The other members of the team must effectively communicate to the blindfolded scout to enable them to make the sandwich.

The scout making the sandwich must be blindfolded.
No scout may tough another scout's sandwich at any time.
All sandwiches must consist of 2 buttered slices of bread and a jam filling spread over the bread. The sandwich should be cut in half before the next scout takes their place.

RA: knives are blunt, adequate supervision by adults is required, scouts are blindfolded when they reach the sandwich station and not before (unless you want to add that into the activity).


  • communication
  • team work
  • Team work game
  • teamwork

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