Tape wide game

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Wide game - 3 teams


3 rolls of coloured insulating tape Blue, Yellow, Red
Rope to mark off a safe area
3-4 leaders


Cut off strips of tape about 100mm long one for each team member.

Set up a safe zone in the centre and station a leader there with supplies of tape

Divide Scouts into three teams Blue, Yellow, Red

Each Scout attached their tape strip onto their right shoulder

A leader takes each team to a point on the playing area with a sealed envelope containing an enemy colour (different from their own team).

Aim of the game
Team members have to run after the enemy and remove the enemy tape this makes a capture.

If a Scout has his tape strip removed they must go with their captor to the central area where he will be given another strip this time he will join the team that just caught him.

Once one team is used up, the team is removed from the chain - for example if there are no blues left, it is Reds after yellows and yellows after reds etc.

Game Over
The game ends when there is only one team left, or to cut the game short, when one team has more than half of the group.


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