Phonetic Training (The good and the bad)

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The aim of the game is to teach youth members the phonetic alphabet. (From JOTA-JOTI Australia)


Place members at one end of hall (length-wise).
Use suitable line on floor or rope as a finish line.
Call phonetics/incorrect phonetics from sheet while others observe movements.
First person across line is winner and receives treat.

Record and reward up to first three across line.
Allow the winner to call phonetics on next run if there is time.
Send person back only one step on incorrect.
(Alternate 1)
Form a large circle, pass/bounce/throw a ball to next person on correct phonetic but if you pass/bounce/throw a ball on an incorrect phonetic then leave circle and start additional circle (possibly with a leader – this will keep everyone doing something). Last person in original circle is the winner.


Good and Bad Phonetics list for the caller. (See page 2)
Length of rope might be required if no line on floor or you can’t use opposite wall.
Phonetics/Morse code sheet for each person before session


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