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Discuss ways of including everyone in Brownies and how we can ensure no on is left out (In the middle)




Aim of Badge
To have a deeper understanding of how to be a good friend

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Introduce the concept of bullying in the form of exclusion of a person from a group.

Brownies all sit in a circle except for one who sits in the middle.
The Brownie in the middle shuts her eyes and the Leader selects one of the Brownies in the circle to be the leader.
The leading Brownie’s job is to start an action (could be blinking, clapping, scratching, pulling a funny face, etc.) and all the other Brownies must copy her.
The challenge for the Brownie in the middle is to open her eyes and by watching carefully, guess who is the leading Brownie in the circle. The leading Brownie should be discreet so as the Brownie in the middle does not immediately guess who the leading Brownies is.
When the Brownie in the middle guesses correctly, she changes places with the leading Brownie and the Leader selects someone else to be the leading Brownie.

After the game, ask the Brownies who have been ‘in the middle’ to describe to the others what it felt like – they may use words such as lonely, isolated, etc.
Explain that this is often how a person who is being bullied or left out by a group can feel.
Ask the girls if they can remember any times when they have felt like this.

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