emergency aid stage 2

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Cubs will learn:
when and how to help people who are hurt or unwell or in emergency situations
to make 999 calls
how to put someone in recovery position and open airways
how to treat minor bleeds and burns
how to help someone having asthma attack
On the night there will be rotation round activities and games to play and a handout to reinforce how to look out for dangers


info sheets for stations
bandages cling film
old inhalers


start session with talking through who can help/ when/ how role paly a few scenarios and discuss what cubs would do to help
rotate round 4 stations: 999 calls, bleeding/burns, asthma, unconscious putting into recovery. An adult/ young leader on each station to guide cubs as they practise
regroup as appropriate to play games to reinforce
hand out dangers sheet and direct to website


  • first aid

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  • Emergency Aid - 999
  • Emergency Aid - Asthma
  • Emergency Aid - Bleeding
  • Emergency Aid - Burns
  • Emergency Aid - Help
  • Emergency Aid - Reassure
  • Emergency Aid - Unconscious
  • Outdoors - First aid