Gun Running

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Teams of Scouts try to collect as many 'guns' from a wide area that are dropped by a Leader, or another team of Scouts.


Something to represent 'guns' (perhaps hi-vis jackets), radios (1 per team), maps of the area (at least 1 per team), compasses (at least 1 per team)


A Leader, or one team of Scouts (Drop Team), sets off into the playing area (campsite with a mix of woodland and open fields, or country park perhaps). The other teams set off to equi-distant starting points. The Drop Team deposits their first gun and radios the location, then moves on and deposits the next gun, radios the location and so on. The other teams race to be the first to collect the guns. Winning team (and the best at strategy / navigation) is that which collects the most guns.
Swap teams around and play again.


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