Create your own Tribe

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Scouts form into patrols and create their own unique tribes.
Identify a head of the tribe.
Demonstrate the needs for Tribe identity; Face Paint
Design your own flag; Explain the reason for the designs.
Create your own unique ritual
Play a challenge under the tribe.

You create your tribe by helping others to achieve their goals
TEAM : Together Everyone Achieves More


1. Face paint
2. Paper for Flag design, Flag Pole.
3. Marker pens, Color pencils, Glitter, Glue.


Patrols discuss their plan of attack.
It is to designate task to the scouts, working in pairs

1. Design your tribe's flag
2. Do face paint on each other
3. Create a slogan or a War Cry.
4. Play a game as a tribe.


  • Tribe Flag Paint Face

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