Nalayn Sharif Mosaic

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Make a nalayn sharif mosaic using old kitchen and bathroom tiles


Variety of broken tiles, printed template of the nalayn sharif, tile adhesive, square pieces of thin plywood or MDF, spreaders, gloves, grout, pencils, old newspaper, coloured card and paper, felt, grout


Prepare the area that will be used with old newspaper to protect the work surfaces. Use the provided templates and draw the shape of the nalayn sharif onto the MDF or plywood. Wearing laytex gloves, if required, decorate the drawn design of the sandal using a variety of coloured tiles. The tiles are to be glued on using tile adhesive. This can be spread using disposable plastic knives. Youngsters to be as creative as they want and can use other crafts material such as coloured card and felt to complete their works. Once the tile pieces are dried, they can be covered carefully with grout to fill in the gaps.


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