New Year Welcome Back

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What did we all do over the Christmas Period and New Year!?


Paper and Pencils, Information on 10 countries (approx) and how they spend/celebrate New Year - Hand Outs


After the Beaver Yell as we are still in a Circle.

1) What did you Do? Go round each Beaver in Turn and ask what they did over the Christmas Period and New Year, What gifts did they get, What was their Favourite and why!

2) New Years Resolutions: Demonstrate what a New Years Resolution is (Tell them yours, and go round the other Leaders/Helpers... Make them fun!!) Split the Beavers into their Lodges and get them to right down what they are grateful for and what they can give up this year, Where they can help more (at home, at school, other places).

Save the Resolutions for later in the year and come back and see how well they are doing!

3) International New Year: Explore how the 'New Year' is celebrated in other countries. Split into Lodges, each lodge picks a country and explains to the group how they Celebrate new year.


  • grateful
  • Helping others
  • New Year
  • resolution
  • Thankful

Badge Links

  • Community Impact - Identify
  • Community Impact - Plan
  • Community Impact - Tell
  • Friendship - Community
  • Global - Tradition
  • International - Learn
  • Promise - Done best