Blow Wind Blow

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How To Play Blow Wind Blow

For this icebreaker game you'll need to set up your chairs in a circle facing inwards. Make sure there is one less chair than there are players.

Select one player to start off in the middle. They must begin by calling out "Blow wind blow". The rest of the group must respond "blow what?" Then the middle player can say some kind of conditional statement like "everyone with red hair" or "everyone not wearing shoes". All the players that fit into that category must get up and switch chairs with another player. This allows a chance for the middle player to steal a chair also. Once everyone has finished switching as quickly as possible, there will be one player left stuck in the middle. Then the process repeats!

If playing with a larger group it can become difficult for everyone to hear what the person in the middle is saying, so it might be wise to have a cordless microphone or a megaphone to use. Alternatively you could have someone else with a microphone outside of the circle calling the shots out.


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