The 12 Days of Christmas (Cub Style)

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A Cub version based on the past years activities


Pen, Paper, Whiteboard, Whiteboard Pen


To get into the Christmas mood and also remember some of the activities completed in the past year.

Have the Cubs remember (sometimes prompted) all of the things your pack has been doing over the past year (e.g. camps, outings, badges, water fights, etc, etc). Write these up as a list on the whiteboard.
Select 12 items and insert these into the 12 Days of Christmas.

e.g. On the first day of Christmas Akela brought to me ..............
and so on until all 12 days are completed.
Get everyone to sing along

Below is an example of the final verse from our pack a few years ago:

On the twelfth day of Christmas Akela brought to me,
twelve canons firing,
eleven brand sticks burning,
ten new cub scarves,
nine hot pools bubbling,
eight camp fires,
seven Burma trails,
six black woggles,
five marshmallows,
four new Keas,
three Hobo Stoves,
two computer badges,
and a quiz about a Kauri tree.


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