Blind Seeker

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Scouts run from end-to-end trying to evade capture


Chalk, rope/string, pillow/rolled newspaper, blindfolds


Mark out a rectangle in the middle of the room about 3m wide and long enough to leave a 2 metre gap between it and the wall.
One player (Seeker) is blindfolded and stands in the centre of the rectangle armed with a pillow/rolled newspaper.
On the signal the other players have to try to get from one end of the room to the other without being hit by the pillow/newspaper.
If hit, players are out and sit to the side.
Play continues until only one player is left running who then takes a turn at being blindfolded.

Have the players hop down to the rectangle and if they put a foot down they are out.
Have more than one seeker


  • blindfold
  • catch
  • running

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