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One patrol at a time creates a course in their hall where they will have one 'VIP' scout that needs to be protected while the other patrols try to 'bomb' the VIP.


Tables, rope, chairs, poles, spars, etc


Patrol 'X' sets up an obstacle course.
Once complete, patrol 'Y' stands behind a predetermined line and trie to bomb the patrol 'X' VIP (with soft balls/dodgeballs) while the patrol 'X' scouts protect them.
If the VIP gets hit, the other patrol wins. If a scout gets hit, they must sit where they were hit and become part of the obstacle.
Once the VIP is hit or makes it through the course, patrols swap over.
Once both patrol 'X' and patrol 'Y' have completed patrol 'X' obstacle course, patrol 'Y' create their obstacle course and both patrols play again. (So that both patrols have a chance to make an obstacle course and run through it)

This can be expanded for up to as many patrols as you like and can be used outdoor or even as a wide game.


  • construction
  • funitvity
  • game
  • patrols
  • strategy
  • teamwork
  • wide game

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