Make a mold garden

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Watch to see how different molds grom on different foods at different speeds.


Plastic ice cream pot or similar, cling film, spare food


• Get an old ice cream container or similar sort of pot, one that doesn’t have any holes on it.
• Get some cling film, enough to make a good seal around the pot
• Get some bits of food, and put them into the box. Try different sorts of fruit, bread, cheese, a small container of juice, some honey, salt, sugar, or chocolate.
• Leave the pot open for half a day or so, out of the fridge, and then cover it securely with the plastic film so that you can still see in but nothing can get out!
• Just leave it, and see what happens and how long it takes.
• If you have the pots, you could try leaving one indoors on a windowsill, one somewhere dry outside, and one in the airing cupboard if you are allowed.
• Take some photos of the pots, and show them to Akela when you get back after the holidays
Talk with the Cubs afterwards about food storage, and why some things went mouldy faster than others, and others didn't at-all!


  • food safety
  • food storage
  • garden
  • indoors

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