Hi Harry

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A sit-in-a-circle calm but fun game


Cork from wine bottle (what a shame) - but not a rubber one.

Burn the end of the cork so it can be used to put black marks on faces - keep the lighter/matches handy so you can top it up through the game


Sit everyone in a circle.
Everyone starts with the name "Harry".

In a clockwise direction, one person (person 1) starts by saying "Hi Harry" to the person to their left (person 2). That person (person 2) then says "Yes Harry", and the original person then says "Tell Harry" (who is person 3, but they do nothing at this stage).

Then play moves left one - and it repeats - so person 2 says "Hi Harry", person 3 says "Yes Harry" and person 2 says "Tell Harry" (who is person 4).

All good. But, as soon as there's a mistake or hesitation, the person who made the mistake/hesitation gets a black spot on their face and is now called "One spot" (and if they later get another spot, they're called "Two spot" etc).

So, if person 5 is called "One spot", now:

Person 3 says "Hi Harry", person 4 says "Yes Harry", person 3 says "Tell One Spot" (who is person 5).

Person 4 says "Hi One Spot", person 5 says "Yes Harry", person 4 says "Tell Harry".

And so it continues - one someone makes a mistake, the mistake almost ripples out as people get confused/loose track of numbers of spots.


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