Four Kings

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Memory/logic game


Chairs, names of scouts


Divide the group of at least 12 people into two teams. Players need to remember who is on their team.

Place four chairs in a row or mark four positions on the ground. These are the thrones where the Four Kings will sit.
Write the name of each scout on a separate slip of paper and place them all in a bag, hat, or bucket.
Randomly choose names from the hat, one at a time, to decide who will start sitting on the thrones. There must be two from each team.
Everyone else makes a circle on the ground, including the four thrones as part of the circle, plus one empty spot someplace in the circle.
Mix up all the slips of paper with names and pass it around the circle, everyone choosing one slip and showing no one.
The scout to the right of the empty spot in the circle calls out someone's name. Whoever has that name on his slip of paper moves to the vacant spot in the circle and exchanges slips with the scout to his right (the person that called out the name).
Now, the player to the right of the open spot (where the last scout moved from) calls out a name. The scout with that name on his paper moves to the vacant spot, exchanges slips, and the process continues.

As soon as all four thrones are occupied by members of the same team, that team wins the round and the paper slips are reshuffled and passed out again for another round.



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