Bubblegum Game

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A tactical game for YP. All Beavers stand in a circle holding 2 fists into the centre, a chant is repeated over and over until all players are out.




One person stands in the centre and while moving around the circle chants 'Bubblegum, Bubblegum in a dish, how many pieces do you wish'. The YP they end up on chooses a number between 1-10 and you count that number of fists around the circle. Whoever it lands on places that hand behind their back and you start the chant again on the next fist in line. We start with a leader in the centre and when the first YP has both fists out they take up the rhyme. When the next YP is out the person in the centre sits in their place and the newest one out takes their turn in the centre. It becomes quite tactical near the end when they start to work out who it will land on! We held an end of year log chew and this came out as the Beaver sections favourite game.


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