Smart Phone Exploded

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Smart phones have a huge range of functions – this one tiny gadget can do so many things that could only be done by many more, much bigger items in the past.
Work in a team to think about all the different things that could be replaced by a smart phone.


• A picture of a smart phone
• String
• Sticky tape
• Paper and marker pens


Write or draw each of these things on a piece of paper and join them to the picture of the smart phone with a length of string to make a big spider diagram.
When you have done this, think about the history of each of the things you have drawn. For example, when was it 1st possible to send an email or take a photograph using a digital camera? What did people do before these things were invented?
Can you think of any words or other things that have stuck around even though they refer to the way things used to work before the technology changed - things like dialling a phone number or hearing a camera click?
As you think of these things, add them to your exploded diagram. Ask any adults around to help you with some of the details. Can they think of any technology they once used that is no-longer common?


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