Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

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Essentially this is a computer game where the patrol have to defuse a bomb. Each bomb has a selection of panels (puzzles) that have to be worked out in order to defuse it.

We had a computer setup with one Scout operating the bomb with the rest of their patrol helping defuse the bomb the other side of a sheet so they could still communicate.


- Computer
- Copy of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ( $14.99 -about £10
- Printed copy of the bomb defusers manual (

- Separate screen so the rest of the group can see whats happening.


Ensure that you have the software installed and working and the Bomb Manual printed.

Setup the computer in such a way where only one scout can see it (they are the defuser) and provide the rest of the patrol with copy(s) of the Bomb Defusers Manuals. Ideally the defuser can't see the manuals. We did this by suspending a sheet with to separate them in a way that they could still easily talk to each other.

The controls for the game are explained during startup alternatively press ESC for a brief reminder.

Optional: We setup an external screen so the rest of the troop could easily see what was happening on the screen.



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