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A fun and useful planning tool to help scouts express their ideas (taken from YouShaped document)


Plain/scrap paper


Everybody loves a snowball fight and this one is not just for the winter! Give all of the Scouts a piece of paper and set a topic or question for them to answer.

Which activities would you like to do at Scouts?
What theme would you like the next camp to be?
What badge would you like to do next?
Where would you like to go on our next trip out?
What country would you like to visit?
What A Million Hands projects would you like to get involved in?

Have them crumple the paper into a snowball. Divide the group into two teams on opposite sides of the room and let the snowball fight begin! When you call stop, each Scout is to pick up the nearest snowball and split up into pairs, small groups or patrols to discuss the ideas. After this feedback to the group on the patrol/groups favourite ideas.


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