Lost at Sea Problem Solving

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The cubs are split into there sixes and a Ranking sheet for each cub in their sixes. They have to put the items in to the correct ranking order.


Shaving mirror,
Bottle or Can to represent Petrol,
Water container,
Emergency rations,
Water proof sheet,
Chocolate bars,
Fishing Rod,
Bottle to represent Rum,
Radio VHF,
Mosquito net,
1st Aid kit.


The cubs are to imagine that they have been shipped wrecked and are in a lifeboat at sea, before the ship went down they managed to gather the kit listed in the RESOURCES NEEDE from the ships cargo hold. In their sixes they must put the items in to the correct ranking order, which a leader will reveal at the end of the task, each item put in the right order is a point.
This problem solving is an individual and team task, on the ranking sheets there are 6 columns, 1) item, 2) individual Ranking, this is where each cub ranks what he/she thinks is correct ranking order, 3) Group Ranking, this is for the group to discus in which order the items should go in, 4) Correct Ranking, this is where one of the leaders calls out the correct order of items, 5) Correct score, ie the order the leader calls out, Team score. this can be done on the sheets or on a board.



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