Balanced Diet Plate

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Cut & stick pictures from magazines or draw different foods that the young people eat. Then put them under the headings provided to see if your section eats a balanced diet.


Large sheet of paper or card
Felt tips


Draw a large circle or the piece of card / paper. Then divide it into 3 equal sections by drawing 3 lines. Further divide 1 of these sections into 3, with one section being slightly smaller than the other 2.
Cut and stick the headings provided around the edge of the plate next to the corresponding sections. The 2 largest should be fruit & veg and carbohydrates. The next 2 smallest should be meat & fish and dairy. The smallest section should be fats & sugars.
Put this to one side for now.
Give the young people magazines to cut out from or paper to draw on pictures of foods that they eat. Try to break meals down into their components - e.g. spaghetti bolognese has pasta, tomatoes and meat in. This helps them to think if a meal is balanced as well as their entire diet.
Stick these pictures down in the correct sections on the large plate. For younger sections you may wish to put them all down and then check they are correct before sticking.
You can then discuss your findings - as a section do you have a balanced diet?


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